30 Days In The Life Of A Shy Entrepreneur – Day 18

I am going to be talking about goal setting in today's post, but first I want to explain what got me thinking about the subject of goal setting today.  About 9 months ago, I purchased a Mulberry handbag that had been on my list of goals for quite some time. It was a lot of money for a bag, but I can't explain the feeling I experienced when I finally purchased it.  It wasn't just the bag itself, it was the whole experience.  The way the staff looked after us, served us drinks, the way they personalised it for me, and the way they wrapped it.  I can remember opening it up when we arrived back at...
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30 Days In The Life Of A Shy Entrepreneur – Day 5

Wow - I can't believe we are on day 5 already, the days are flying by! I got the day off to a great start this morning by watching an interview with Anthony Robbins about his new documentary film, I Am Not Your Guru.  I am really looking forward to watching this film.  He is such an inspirational guy. I have spent quite a lot of the day driving my children around.  One of the trips was to drop one of my daughter's to her cousin's house so that she could go with her other cousin to sleep over at their house! Lost yet?  Anyway I dropped her off, had a chat with my sister in law's and then ...
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30 Days In The Life Of A Shy Entrepreneur – Day 2

Today, amongst catching up on business calls and getting organised after our journey a few days ago, I made time for a bit of goal setting - my favourite pastime! I have always had a passion for property.  Ever since Jaime and I started out in our business and were introduced to goal setting, we have made it an essential part of our development. We moved into our first house when we were just 24, and it was at about that time that we were advised to write out our first list of goals.  We didn’t really understand what we were doing at the time, but we went along with it anyway.  We wrote do...
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