The Power of Belief – yes, you can be shy and successful!

I thought I would write a post all about the power of belief, it's something I'm really passionate about,  I love this subject, and it's so, so powerful.   So, beliefs can really hold us back and stop us in our tracks, keep us from doing what we want to do.   When I was younger, although I was shy, deep down I had a real desire to achieve something one day, I always knew that was what I really wanted.  But then as I grew older, all the beliefs I had about being shy, stopped me from doing anything about it.  I had beliefs like.......I'm not good enough.........I'm too shy........I'm too...
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30 Days In The Life Of A Shy Entrepreneur – Day 26

It is 12 months ago this week since my second book 52 Tips For A Fantastic Year! was launched at our company conference at the ICC in Birmingham.  I really enjoyed signing books for people on the day.  This weekend I will be back in Birmingham for the Christmas Launch, it will be a very exciting weekend!    52 Tips For A Fantastic Year! is a compilation of my favourite tips that I have learned that have helped me on my success journey.  The tips are very simple to implement, but if put into place will have a big impact on your life. The tips are split into four categories, mindset, self ...
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30 Days In The Life Of A Shy Entrepreneur – Day 1

So I have decided to blog every day for the next 30 days.  I will share what I am up to and how I have stepped out of my comfort zone that particular day.  I will share how I deal with various situations and the outcomes. I am back in the UK at the moment for the whole of August and thought it would be a good idea to do this now as I know I am going to be attending many events while I am here and meeting lots of people. I was up bright and early this morning to travel to a training session in Peterborough for our network marketing business where I was delivering a talk on mindset.  Since...
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