How to use the Law of Attraction in Your Network Marketing Business

I can’t imagine living today without knowing about the existence of The Law of Attraction. I first became aware of The Law of Attraction when I was introduced to The Secret film in 2005. I had always been a positive person, but didn't realise that this was contributing to how my life was working out. I still remember the day when a leader in our business announced on stage that everyone should “Watch this amazing film called The Secret” “It’ll change your life” he boldly said, in a broad Scottish accent that kind of gave the statement a lot more impact. We were just about to ...
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A perfect business for shy people

In this post I want to explain why I feel that network marketing is a perfect fit for shy people. Growing up being a shy person was not easy for me. I was always referred to as the ‘quiet one’ and this always made me feel even more self-conscious. At school, I dreaded the time when it was my turn to read in English and I hated class discussions, living in constant fear that I would be picked to contribute. When I embarked on my career things didn’t get any easier. I had quite a responsible job in a hospital laboratory, but I was very unhappy there because I found it hard to communicate w...
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