How to control blushing

I wanted to write a blog post about blushing as the subject comes up so many times when I am talking to people. You may blush because you are self conscious, anxious and/or shy.  Whatever the reason, it may be getting in the way of how you want to live your life.  It may be preventing you from doing things that you want to do. I talk in my first book about how my chest used to go really red and blotchy when I got up to speak in public or when anyone asked me a question.  This doesn’t happen as much now but the temporary measure that I used was to just cover up and wear somethin...
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30 Days In The Life Of A Shy Entrepreneur – Day 10

Today I have been busy with phone calls, preparing the house for some Spanish visitors who are arriving tomorrow (two of my daughters friends) and generally catching up after the weekend. I have really enjoyed this weekend, spending time around the house with my family.  I also did some personal development today in the form of a couple of You Tube videos and a few pages of my new book. Tonight myself and Jaime attended a business presentation put on by some of our team members.  It runs every month but it's the first one we have been able to attend due to being abroad.  It was lovely to se...
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