Life Update: Holiday, Books and Business

I’m travelling back to England tomorrow after two weeks here in Spain.  It’s gone so quickly! We’ve had such an amazing time.  When you work for yourself, it is hard to switch off completely sometimes, well……most of the time!  However, we have been so busy lately that we told ourselves we could either come to Spain for a longer period, and work from here, or we could come for just a couple of weeks and have a proper holiday.  We chose the later option and we are so glad we did.  I can’t remember the last time we did this.  It has felt like such quality time.  Yes, I realise I am writing thi...
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30 Days In The Life Of A Shy Entrepreneur – Day 28

I am sitting in our hotel room at the moment writing this while Jaime is doing his stage walk ready for his presentation later on.  Because Jaime is speaking, we are staying at the Hyatt in Birmingham and it is beautiful.  I am so grateful to be staying in such luxury!      We had a great day yesterday, after Jaime's rehearsal we walked over to the shops and had a look at the new Grand Central Shopping Centre. Its amazing, all built around Birmingham New Street station. We went into Foyle's bookstore and had a browse.  I love bookshops, I went straight to the personal growth secti...
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