The Power of Belief – yes, you can be shy and successful!

I thought I would write a post all about the power of belief, it's something I'm really passionate about,  I love this subject, and it's so, so powerful.   So, beliefs can really hold us back and stop us in our tracks, keep us from doing what we want to do.   When I was younger, although I was shy, deep down I had a real desire to achieve something one day, I always knew that was what I really wanted.  But then as I grew older, all the beliefs I had about being shy, stopped me from doing anything about it.  I had beliefs like.......I'm not good enough.........I'm too shy........I'm too...
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How To Be Your Best Self

When we are in our most happy state, when we  are doing something that we love to do, or maybe spending time with the people we love and care about, we are the most  natural version of ourselves.  If you are anything like me, this is also the time when I feel like my shyness disappears.  I get into the zone and I don't worry about what people think, I go into my own world.  I'm just generally more relaxed. I feel that if we could be in this state all of the time, we would lead much happier lives, be more successful and be able to offer so much more to others. Sometimes, situations can ma...
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Shy and Successful

In this post I thought I would share the article that I wrote for Entrepreneurial Expat recently.  Catarina Brandao runs a very successful website and coaches people on running a business abroad.  To find out more you can visit her site at  I am Adele de Caso and I am currently living in Spain with my family: my husband Jaime and my children Sofia 15, Phoebe 12 and Javier 7. We have lived here on and off for the past 10 years, but are currently enjoying one of our longer stints.  Why Spain? Jaime is half Spanish, and the reason we decided we ...
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