30 Days In The Life Of A Shy Entrepreneur – Day 3

Today has been a really productive day - amongst lots of other things I have spoken to lots of people to show them our amazing network marketing business; and as per usual they were such a diverse range of people from all different backgrounds, looking for all sorts of different things. It is so interesting to find out about people and I do love to talk to them, however, I do have to do some preparation before I make the first call - I have to get myself into the right frame of mind.  I used to find it very difficult to pick up the phone but I found that the more I stepped out of my comfort...
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Telephone confidence tips

I recently got asked if I had any tips for when I felt shy picking up the phone to make prospecting calls in my network marketing business. I started my business is 1996.  At this time I was still very much allowing my shyness to hold me back in lots of areas of my life.  The idea of talking to people on the phone and in one to one situations was very daunting to say the least! However, I decided that I would have to step out of my comfort zone if I wanted to make a success of my new business and leave the full time job that I was very unhappy with. I am going to share a few things th...
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