52 Tips For A Fantastic Year – Simple Ideas Big Impact (Paperback)


How to Achieve Your Dreams Without Changing Your Personality

If you are shy and quiet but still want to achieve something with your life this book is for you.

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A collection of simple and doable success habits to change your life for the better. 

The ideas in this book are fun to put into practice and they work!

The 52 tips are split into 4 categories; mindset, self-confidence, goals and ambitions and success habits. At the end of each tip is a meaningful quote. A great book to either open up at a random page and pick a tip for the day. 

Also makes a fantastic gift. 

This book covers the core topics of success, communication, personal development, confidence and organisation.

Clear, simple and concise.

The author shares how you can become successful by simply becoming the best version of you.

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