Today I have been busy with phone calls, preparing the house for some Spanish visitors who are arriving tomorrow (two of my daughters friends) and generally catching up after the weekend. I have really enjoyed this weekend, spending time around the house with my family.  I also did some personal development today in the form of a couple of You Tube videos and a few pages of my new book.

Tonight myself and Jaime attended a business presentation put on by some of our team members.  It runs every month but it’s the first one we have been able to attend due to being abroad.  It was lovely to see everyone and the meeting had a really friendly feel.  I had to pinch myself when I looked around the room and thought to myself  ‘Wow, all these lovely people are in our team’.  Jaime presented the business opportunity and I was doing a small training slot.  I started off by talking about a few of my earliest goals and achievements which were;

Getting a dog,  leaving my full time job, gaining confidence and travelling the world.

(Goals are so important, they give you reason to put in the action required.)

You could tell that everyone in the audience was really engaged in the presentation, some were taking notes and others were nodding.  It makes all the difference and really puts you at ease when there is a responsive audience.  It helps to make you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

In the car on the way back we were talking about different things that make us shy and nervous when it comes to public speaking and dealing with people.  I find it really interesting that everyone is so different.  Some people are fine when talking to strangers one on one but get anxious when speaking in front of people that they know, others find it very difficult to talk to strangers but when faced with a situation where they are presenting to a group of people who they know well, they are much more confident.  It made me realise that shyness affects people in so many different ways.  Lots of people are shy, but quite often I come across people who are not shy generally, but who are very shy in just one particular situation and this can prevent them from moving forward in an area that they want to pursue.

However shyness affects you, I believe that you should not see it as a flaw in your character.  With practice you can learn to deal with the situation.  I would still class myself as a shy person, but perhaps it isn’t obvious to people now like it was some years ago, due to the fact that I now know how to handle it better.

Here are some tips to help you with shyness;

Accept that you are not the only one who is shy.

Don’t compare yourself to other people.

Practice good posture, it makes you feel more confident.

Become passionate about growing as a person.

Learn to accept yourself for who you are.


We arrived back from the meeting to this;


Cookies and face masks!

On that note I will say goodnight!

Until tomorrow

Adele x

If you are shy and would like to learn how to embrace it and become successful, you might like my book Shy People Can Be Successful Too! – Achieve your dreams without changing your personality.  You can get your copy in paperback format here or Kindle format here.