In this post I am talking about visualisation.

Sitting and trying to visualise can sometimes be difficult.

If you are someone who struggles with visualisation, here are some tips that will help. You can watch the video below or if you prefer, I have briefly summarised the tips here in writing too.


1. It’s all about getting into that place of feeling like you have it already so I’ve always found it easier to do that when I can physically experience it. For example…driving the car, walking through the home. I actually just visited some show homes last week and I could tell it was working walking around them as I was getting so excited. It’s everything about it, the smells, the newness of everything, the way they have been staged. I could imagine living there.

When you test drive the car you grip the steering wheel, you smell the leather, you experience how the car handles the road. You remember this feeling so you can go back to that whenever you want to visualise it. Same with the house, so wherever possible if your goals are things that you can actually experience in some way, then do it.


2. If you are wanting to visualise financial abundance, the best thing I have found is to listen to guided visualisations.

Here is the guided visualisation I watch to help me attract financial independence.

I listen to this whenever I can, when I am getting ready in the mornings, when I am drifting off to sleep at night, when I am doing household chores or when I am working on my computer.

I have had amazing results!



3. Another thing I’ve found really powerful is writing about my dream day. It’s a kind of visualisation and even more powerful when you read it back to yourself at a later time. You can use this method for any goal, just incorporate the goals into your dream day.

4. I like to think of things that could only of happened if I had achieved the goal and then imagine myself doing those things (or you can write about them too)

Let’s say you want to achieve a certain level in your business or career. When you reach that desired level, what will you be able to do? Where will you be able to go? How will you feel? Imagine yourself in these situations like they have already happened.

5. I’ve also got a private board on Pinterest called ‘my dream business vision’ and I scroll through the images every now and again. If you can’t find images of the particular things you want to visualise, find images that could represent them. It is so much easier to visualise when you have an image in front of you.

I hope these tips help. I go into much more depth about visualisation in my online video course Success Formula For Shy Entrepreneurs.

You can read all about it here 


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Have a fantastic day and I will see you soon!

Adele x