I’ve been really committing time to my money mindset this year and I wanted to share the results I’m having so far. 

Here’s what I have been doing;


1. Reading money themed books

Get Rich Lucky Bitch

Chill & Prosper

Both by Denise Duffield – Thomas (money mindset coach)


2. Listening to a money affirmation visualisation by Brian Scott called Large Sums Of Money Come To Me 

I listen to it while I am getting ready in the mornings


3. Tracking all money that comes in no matter where it comes from 

Even small amounts are a sign from the Universe that more is on its way 

By tracking it you are acknowledging that you are attracting it 

“Tracking causes attraction”

“What gets tracked increases”


4. Making a note of what I’m grateful for daily

(I’ve always done 3 and 4 by the way)

You can download my weekly gratitude tracker here


5. I’ve added a new affirmation to my list:

‘There’s always more money’

Other affirmations I love to use are;

‘It’s ok the money’s coming in now’

‘Money comes easily and frequently’


‘The more fun I have the more money I make’


6. I have been decluttering 

This involved thinking back to my childhood and looking at my relationship with money

I followed the Denise Duffield – Thomas Manifesting Formula

  1. Declutter
  2. Decide what you want
  3. Surround your life with positivity
  4. Take inspired action
  5. Receive and fine tune



When you focus on your money mindset you will start to receive inspired ideas.


Here is a list of the inspired actions I have been taking and am continuing to take 

I had the idea to create more content for my Success Formula online course including;

A recommended reading list (personal growth)

A book tracker 

A shy person’s success guide 

I made upgrades to some of the existing PDFs 

I also had the idea to come up with different packages for my online course

These will all be going live very soon! Be sure to check out the courses page on my website 


Whenever I got stuck I sat in silence and waited for inspiration

This usually feels like the least productive thing to do but honestly, it always works. I get inspired ideas every time!


I have committed to working through the online courses that I have subscribed to recently and I have also attended live workshops aimed at progressing forwards in business.

I recorded my own abundance visualisation on my phone and added background music and I listen to it most days – your own voice is the most powerful voice you can listen to.


My Results 

I came across Podcasts and YouTube videos that felt like they were made for me! And they came at just the right time!

People joined my network marketing team and placed orders 

Customers placed larger orders than usual

More people in the team ordered than usual 

I sold more books

I had more subscribers to my newsletter 

I sold my first item on Vinted for £49

Someone booked our Airbnb spare room for 5 days and booked again for the end of the month 

We had our first weekend of our maximum of 10 dogs boarding with us!

I made connections at local networking events and had a  lovely coffee and chat with someone who I connected with on Instagram. 

It really has been a productive couple of months. I have been very careful to remain in a mindset of abundance and not scarcity.

For example;

Since the New Year started, if I ever considered not buying a coffee because I had already had one the day before, I still bought the coffee. 



Going back to the online study I mentioned, I have learned lots about marketing which I believe has really helped me increase my sales. 

And from one of the live workshops I watched I came up with a 30 day goal.

Do you know that 92% of people who set a goal don’t actually achieve it?

I thought about how I have to show up to achieve this goal?

How would the person I would like to be do the things I am about to do?

What does the version of me who achieves this goal look like?


These were my answers:

  • I need to be consistent with sharing my offers
  • I need to be confident in what I am offering 
  • I need to be continually working on my mindset 
  • The version of me who achieves her goal needs to believe in what she is selling and believe that it will sell.


A lot of people think that what they create isn’t good enough, they feel like it has to be perfect.

What I have learned is to get the easiest possible version of your work out into the world, you can go back and tweak it later. The important thing is the message that you are sharing.

Then I asked myself……‘What is the next tiny little step I can take towards the goal?’

I decided that it would be to create a recommended reading list. I am always telling people that they should read more personal development books but I don’t very often share where to start and exactly which ones to read.


What is a tiny step that you could take towards your bigger goal? Do it………now!


I will be going all in with my money mindset work this year, I have always been passionate about it and I have proved it works several times. I just know that it has to be an ongoing thing, it is something that is never complete. But it’s such a lot of fun so why wouldn’t I continue? 

I hope you will try some of my ideas out for yourself and please do get in touch and let me knowhow its going and ask me any questions you may have.

Until next time!

Adele x


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