Today we had the arrival of our Spanish visitors!  Two of my daughters school friends have come over to spend time with us in the UK while we are here for the summer.  They are staying for two weeks.  One of them has never been outside Spain before! I am really looking forward to showing them the sites, especially London!


My daughter Sofia (left) and Jaime picking them up from the airport earlier.

Whilst Jaime and the girls went to fetch them from the airport I quickly tidied up and then took advantage of the gorgeous sunny weather and sat outside for 20 minutes to read my book.


It was nice to appreciate the garden.  My husband and the girls have been working really hard on getting it tidied up since we got back.

When they arrived back from the airport it was fish and chips all round for their first English lunch!

I have been fitting my phone calls in throughout the day today, just grabbing a few minutes here and there.  This is what I find I have to do during the school holidays when there is not really any routine.

Tonight I watched a very inspirational webinar by someone in our network marketing business.  I took lots away from it and I want to pick out some of it to share with you;

  • Become the person people look up to, who you are as a person will determine the people you attract.
  • To be followed you have to be worthy of being followed.
  • Stay focussed and be consistent. (this applies to everything we do in whatever field it may be.)
  • Create momentum, but understand that momentum takes time.
  • Have a vision.
  • Dont compare yourself to others.
  • Surround yourself with like minded people.

Before I go I want to share this image with you.  Ask yourself this question;

‘What makes you come alive?’


It is so important that we know the answer to this.  One reason for knowing what makes us come alive is that when we immerse ourselves in something that makes us feel this way, we forget about our shyness and insecurities.

Just as an example, when we talk about something we are interested in, we find it easier to talk to people.

Find a way to spend some time each day doing, watching or listening to what makes you come alive.

I hope you have had a great day!

See you tomorrow

Adele x

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