I have had another amazing day at the farm.  This morning we took a short drive to a small seaside town called Arnside.  It is so long since I have been to the British seaside. I started to reminisce about family holidays as a child.

We walked the dogs along the beach and then strolled down the high street to look at the quaint shops.


In the afternoon some of our newer team members joined us for a bbq at the farm and we were really fortunate that the sun came out and everyone had a great time.

It was a small, friendly group of people today and my shyness didn’t really seem to make an appearance at all! I don’t mean that I was the life and soul of the party, far from it I’m sure! But I was comfortable, and that means a lot to me and shows me how far I have come.  I think it was easier too because it wasn’t my house and I didn’t have the responsibility of entertaining as well as communicating.

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Today I wanted to talk a little about how shy people can develop a good attitude.  I believe this is essential for success.

If you have decided that you’re going to try some new ideas or make some positive changes in your life, it is important that you spend sometime working on your attitude first.

You see, with a good attitude, you will be so much more successful with whatever activity you undertake.

Two people can carry out the same task, but the one with the good attitude will get a different result to the one with the not so good attitude every time and in a positive way of course!

Your attitude determines how you react to certain situations, it affects how you see things, and it affects your behaviour and actions.

When you are shy, the first thing you have to do is learn to accept your shyness.  If you hate your shyness, you will be constantly battling against it.  It is far easier to embrace it and work with it.

Use the positive aspects of your shy personality to your advantage, for example, shy people are usually great listeners.  It is important to work to your strengths as it will make you feel more confident.

Take words such as ‘can’t’ and ‘try’ out of your vocabulary and only use positive words and phrases.  When people ask you how you are, never answer ‘not too bad’ or ‘I’m fine’.  Say  ‘I’m great thanks!’ or ‘I’m really good!’

Refrain from watching negative influencing material on the television or in the newspapers.  You will be amazed how much better you feel!

Associate with the right people.  I once learned that there are two types of people, ‘radiators’ who fill the room with their positive energy and warmth and ‘drains’ who drain all the energy and life from a room.  Learn to recognise the two types and make sure you spend most of your time with the radiators.  They are the ones who will make you feel good about yourself, and you will always leave their company feeling uplifted.

It is important to have a positive outlook and a positive expectancy that what you are going to apply is going to work for you.  People who expect everything to go wrong, often find that it does.  Wouldn’t you like to be the kind of person who everything always works out for?  Then start expecting the best and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Until tomorrow

Adele x

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