It has been a lovely sunny day here in Staffordshire.  It was a chilled kind of morning, getting organised after the weekend away, catching up on phone calls, emails and so on.

I have been looking through the book I bought at the weekend “How To Be Confident’ by Anna Barnes.  I really like this book, its full of lovely pictures and quotes.  It offers some really simple tips.  I thought I would share my favourite points with you today, and my favourite images!

  • The book contains lots of quotes, this one I love…….

Worry pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose.’

Eckhart Tolle

I used to spend a lot of time worrying, but a lot of what we worry about never actually happens, so it is just wasted energy.



  • List 10 things you like about yourself no matter how small.  Focussing on the things that you like about yourself helps you to break the habit of putting yourself down.
  • Nodding your head signals ‘yes‘ to your brain.  It acts as a kind of validation, telling you that you have confidence in your thoughts. So when you are nodding, you are not only nodding to the other person, but also to yourself.


  • Adopt a deeper, slower, more even tone of voice.  This shows that you feel calm and self assured.
  • If you struggle to make eye contact when talking, try to fix your gaze between the person’s eyes.
  • Imagine what life would be like if you were naturally confident, how would you move, what would you say etc.  Once you have this vision, step into the shoes of the naturally confident you.

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  • Invest in some ‘me’ time. Take a night off occasionally and watch a film or read a book.  Time to ourselves is so important.
  • Save complimentary emails, cards and messages and read through them whenever you need a confidence boost.
  • Go for a walk – 3o minutes in the fresh air can really lift your spirits and exercise also produces endorphins which make you feel great.
  • When you’re faced with an uphill struggle, think of the view from the top.’


I hope these extracts from the book are useful to you.  Its a fantastic little book that you can just pick up, open at any page, read a couple of pages and put down again.  The book is on sale at Urban Outfitters, I bought mine at the Oxford Street store, London, but I am sure it will also be available in other branches too.

Hope you had a fantastic day!

Adele x

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