I am going to be talking about goal setting in today’s post, but first I want to explain what got me thinking about the subject of goal setting today.  About 9 months ago, I purchased a Mulberry handbag that had been on my list of goals for quite some time. It was a lot of money for a bag, but I can’t explain the feeling I experienced when I finally purchased it.  It wasn’t just the bag itself, it was the whole experience.  The way the staff looked after us, served us drinks, the way they personalised it for me, and the way they wrapped it.  I can remember opening it up when we arrived back at the hotel, the smell of the leather was amazing and I couldn’t stop looking at it.  I have used the bag almost daily since I bought it and it has made me realise that paying that extra for the quality you really want is so worth it.  Today we visited the city of Chester and afterwards we went to a designer outlet.  Yes…….. more shopping! We went into the Mulberry store and I was looking at different designs and re-living the feeling that I had when I bought mine. I love my bag so much, I have set myself a goal to buy another one!

Now handbags might not do it for you, but find something that gives you that feeling, something that excites you and set it as a goal for yourself.  I am going to take you through the various things you can do to help you achieve your goals.  I do all of them but you might find that one or two appeal to you more than the rest.

  1. Make yourself a goal board – stick pictures to your board and place it somewhere prominent.


2. Make yourself a goal book – similar to a goal board but you can be more detailed as you have more room, and it can be carried to different parts of the house.


3. Write out your goals on small cards and carry them with you in your purse or wallet. Every time you stop to open your purse, you can have a quick look at your goals.

4. Make a mind movie – this is like a moving goal board to music and is extremely powerful.

5.  Write your goals out in a list and review daily. Something magical happens when you write your goals down on paper.  It doesn’t even have to be in a special notebook, it can just be on scraps of paper.

All these things work because they help you to visualise your goals more clearly.

You will give yourself a much better chance of achieving what you desire if you put some of these ideas into action.  It is great fun too!

I would love to hear how you like to set goals, which methods do you use, which of these ideas do you think you might start using?  Please leave me a comment below.

See you tomorrow

Adele x

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