This morning we visited a wood that belongs to one of our friends and business colleagues.  It was one of her dreams to own a piece of woodland and now she has realised that dream.  It was so beautiful and peaceful there.  We had bacon sandwiches by the fire and then went on a tour to discover different types of trees and evidence of animals.


Phoebe and Javi helped to chop down a tree.




Paco really enjoyed himself once he had got used to the rain!



When I arrived back I was catching up on some Facebook posts that I had saved, and there seemed to be a success theme going on.  I read through all the posts and then I decided to come up with my own list of success habits that I believe are really important.  I hope you enjoy reading them;



Play to your strengths – what are you naturally good at?  Chances are, you are good at the things you enjoy doing.  It makes sense to work on the things that you are good at and get help with the things that you are not so good at or dislike doing.  You will be a lot more productive if you do this.

Be ambitious – look at the bigger picture.  What would you really like to do?  How much would you really like to earn?  Imagine that there are no restrictions and you could not fail.  What do you really want?

Do whatever it takes to remain positive – find a way that works for you that you can use when you find yourself slipping into negativity.  It may be something as simple as having a “go to” image that you can look at that makes you feel positive again.  It could be a favourite song that you listen to or reading a page of a book.  Whatever it is find something that will snap you out of negativity quickly.

Be organised – if you are organised you will feel more confident.  Know what you are doing on a daily basis, write out a “To Do” list every night for the next day and tick things off as you achieve them.  Use a planner so that you can see what your week ahead looks like.

Be constantly learning – there is always something new to learn.  Become a sponge for information.  Get passionate about personally developing yourself.  The more you grow as a person, the more you will achieve.  Strive to become the best possible version of yourself.

Don’t let failure set you back – success doesn’t happen overnight, neither does it happen without any challenges. Accept that sometimes it might feel like you are standing still, or even going backwards, but if you could step back and look at the overall picture, you would see that you are in fact moving forwards.




Work at it persistently – be persistent and consistent.  Success comes down to carrying out some simple things every day.  Over time these simple disciplines will accumulate to success. Don’t miss a day!

Believe in what you do – if you don’t believe that you will become successful, it won’t happen.  Develop an unshakeable belief in yourself and just know that you are going to make it happen.  You can borrow someone else’s belief in you to start with, but ultimately you need to believe in you. 

Be grateful for what you have whilst you strive for what you want – create a habit of gratitude.  Look for things to be thankful for as you go about your day.


I am so excited as tomorrow I am heading off to London again, this time for the weekend with my husband Jaime.

We have a pretty busy itinerary, so I may not be able to upload my blogs until Monday. I will see what the internet connection in the hotel is like. I will however try to share some photos.

Have an amazing weekend!

Adele x

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