What an amazing day!  We travelled down to London on the train this morning.  It’s absolutely fantastic that we can be in the capital city in just an hour and a half!  I love travelling by train, you can just switch off and relax.

We just had time for a quick snack and then it was off to the Queen’s theatre to see Les Miserables.  This was our fourth time and I have to say, it gets better and better.  As soon as the music starts I had goose bumps and a lump in my throat.

We were sitting on the front row again and it is amazing because you get to see all the facial expressions and feel like you are actually a part of it all!

Afterwards we rushed around to the stage door, I always like to see the actors coming out.  They started to come out one by one, and I wasn’t going to ask for any autographs or photos this time, but suddenly I felt very assertive and I rushed up to one of them as he was about to walk off and asked if I could have a photo.  He very kindly obliged and I thanked him for putting on such a great performance.


They are all so talented and it is so obvious that they are doing something that they love!

After the show we checked in to our hotel.  We were staying at Le Meridien in Picadilly.  I stayed here a few months ago when I attended a seminar with Fabienne Frederickson.  I was really nervous at the time because it was the first time I had stayed on my own in a hotel, and it was quite out of my comfort zone.  I remember going down to the restaurant for breakfast and not being able to eat anything!  However, by stepping out of my comfort zone, I know that next time I do it, it won’t feel quite so uncomfortable.

So, it was lovely to go back again but this time with Jaime for our anniversary.  This time I will be making the most of breakfast!


When we are in London we always like to go for drinks in one of the really luxury hotels, this time we chose The Ritz which was just about 100 yards from the hotel.  It is beautiful, here we are in the lobby.


Its been a fantastic first day here, I will see you tomorrow to share what else we have been up to.

Until then, goodbye!

Adele x


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