Today, we went for a lovely walk.  We are really lucky to have some lovely open countryside very close by.  This is one of the things I really appreciate when I am here in the UK.  Spain is very beautiful too, but in a different way.



Paco has just learned how to stay with us when he is off his lead, so he had a fantastic time running around and he enjoyed his freedom.

I cannot explain how much fun this little dog provides, for a small dog he has such a big personality.  He is the second dog we have owned as a family.  One of the first goals I had when I started working for myself was to have a dog.  I worked full time so it was not a possibility, but a few months into our business I reduced my hours to part time and we decided it was now possible as I would not be out of the house all day.  We rescued a golden retriever and we had him for 15 years.  We then had a few years without a dog, and although I knew it was the sensible thing to do as we travelled between England and Spain a lot, deep down, I did really want another one.  One of my favourite breeds of dog had always been dachshunds and they became a prominent feature on my goal boards and in my goal book.  Then I created a mind movie which turned out to be an incredible turning point, I will come back to this later on.

I learned a long time ago that when you set a goal, you don’t have to worry about the details of how it will come about.  You just have to set the goal and have the confidence that it will materialise.  There was not any hint of there being a dog in our lives any time soon, but I just kept believing that it would somehow happen one day.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, we spotted a perfect dachshund whilst out on a walk in Spain, we asked where they had got him from, I googled it and Sofia started to message the kennels through Facebook.  The next minute we were on a 2 hour journey to go and have a look.  (Jaime’s suggestion!)  Well, it was never going to be just a look was it?  Paco was placed into Sofia’s arms immediately and the paperwork was already filled out!

The day we met Paco for the first time and brought him home;

So back to the mind movie, not only did Paco materialise, but lots of other things from the movie materialised too. It is the most powerful form of goal setting I have ever used. The magical thing is that whenever you hear the sound track to your movie, or sing it in your mind, you are naturally visualising the images that you included in your movie.

You can see my original mind movie here 

You will see that the dachshund appears about two thirds of the way through the movie, it is in fact a different colour to Paco, but never the less, its a dachshund!

What’s your goal?  What do you really want that you feel is out of reach?  It may be closer than you think, find some images and make your goal board and mind movie today.

You can achieve your dreams if you believe you can.

Adele x


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