I am sitting in our hotel room at the moment writing this while Jaime is doing his stage walk ready for his presentation later on.  Because Jaime is speaking, we are staying at the Hyatt in Birmingham and it is beautiful.  I am so grateful to be staying in such luxury!


We had a great day yesterday, after Jaime’s rehearsal we walked over to the shops and had a look at the new Grand Central Shopping Centre. Its amazing, all built around Birmingham New Street station.


We went into Foyle’s bookstore and had a browse.  I love bookshops, I went straight to the personal growth section and found a book by Louise Hay which I bought as I haven’t bought many physical books just lately, they are all on my Kindle.  It’s called “The Power is Within You”.


I have read a lot of Louise Hay books, and her simplistic style is achievable for anyone to follow.  Louise taught me how to use affirmations and the way she teaches you how to use them gets results.  She teaches that every thought you think creates your future.  It is so important that you take care of what you say to yourself.  You can change any situation just by the thoughts you think.  It is that simple.  Yes, it is that simple!

Some of the affirmations that I use from Louise are;

‘Life Loves Me’

‘All is well with me’

‘Everything is working out for my highest good’

‘Out of this situation, only good will come

Say these to yourself every day, as many times as you can.  You don’t need to say them out loud, you can say them to yourself.  I have my affirmations on my phone, so that when I have 5 minutes, I can simply scroll through them.

I can’t stress enough how doing this can make a difference in your life.

After shopping and a stroll through sunny Birmingham, we met up with some of our team last night to go for dinner which was lovely.

I am really looking forward to a great day today, conference day is always awesome!

Hope you have a great day too!

Adele x


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