It has been a very long day, but a very good day!  Today was conference day, they are always inspirational and today was no exception.  Jaime was very nervous about his presentation, but you couldn’t tell.  He came across really well, I think even the most professional speakers get nervous and I think it is a sign that you care.  I also believe that nerves turn into adrenalin when you need them to, when you walk out onto the stage, somehow you know what you need to say and how to say it.

When Jaime was talking about what we had achieved and showing photos of our family, I became quite emotional. Sometimes I think it’s easy to forget just how far you have come, which is why it’s important to make notes of the progress that you are making and take photos as you go along, then you can look back every now and again and be reminded of what you have achieved.  Success is lots of little things practised every day and it’s not always visible that changes are taking place until you look back.

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As well as Jaime there were 5 other speakers and they gave excellent training.  One of the things that I soon began to love about our business when we started, was the fact that we received the best training for hardly no investment.  Here are some of the things I took from today from the amazing speakers;

Listening is a talent – shy people are often great listeners because they don’t like to be doing most of the talking.  They would prefer to be listening and to be able to listen is important in making people feel special.  

Your smile is your best asset, use it.

‘Find your why and the how will follow’

‘Faith is the unwavering knowing you will, long before you know how’ 

I was slightly out of my comfort zone today, but I began to relax quite quickly as there was so much going on.  Something lovely that happened was that people came up to me to say thank you for writing this blog.  It really means a lot to know that it has helped people.  I can’t believe it is now coming to an end, when the 30 days are up I will definitely start to blog weekly and not monthly.

My books were on sale yesterday in the conference hall with Knowledge is King, a distributor for personal development books.  I always have to pinch myself when I see my books on the table next to the likes of Robert Kiyosaki and Napoleon Hill!


There was a very special announcement this morning that our company will now be moving into Spain, and as we are living there at the moment this was very exciting news indeed for us!

This evening we attended the Gala dinner.  It is fantastic to see everyone get dressed up and have such a great time.

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Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

Wow what a great day – See you tomorrow!

Adele x


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