Today has been a really productive day – amongst lots of other things I have spoken to lots of people to show them our amazing network marketing business; and as per usual they were such a diverse range of people from all different backgrounds, looking for all sorts of different things.

It is so interesting to find out about people and I do love to talk to them, however, I do have to do some preparation before I make the first call – I have to get myself into the right frame of mind.  I used to find it very difficult to pick up the phone but I found that the more I stepped out of my comfort zone and just did it, the easier it became.

What I do now is first of all I watch something motivational, maybe a short YouTube video from one of my mentors, or maybe a TED talk.  You can find talks on all different subjects at  Today I watched our 4 minute company video which everyone receives when they respond to our vacancy.  It makes me realise what I am part of when I watch this video and reminds me of the exciting opportunity I am offering.  You can do anything really that puts you in a positive frame of mind and inspires you.

I have a book for recording the details of people I am calling and on the inside front and back covers I have written various things including inspirational quotes, my goals and anything else that fires me up.  I also try to have any brochures or pictures of current goals nearby too.

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Having these things there to look at while I am on the phone really helps to keep me focussed and reminds me of what I want to achieve.  One of the things I am working towards at the moment is an amazing 5* incentive trip to Madrid in November!




When I am making the calls, I ask lots of questions before I talk about business and this relaxes me and them, I think.  If you can make a friend on the telephone I believe you are half way there.

The outcome of the call used to bother me, I would think I had failed if the person I was talking to wasn’t interested.  I now realise that the opportunity isn’t for everyone and some will like it and want to join the team and some won’t. Its not down to anything I have done, its just not for them.  I think when you can learn to accept this it makes a big difference.

My other big tip for making successful phone calls would be to always be yourself and just be really friendly.  And remember you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person!

I hope you have had a great day too!

See you tomorrow

Adele x