Wow – I can’t believe we are on day 5 already, the days are flying by!

I got the day off to a great start this morning by watching an interview with Anthony Robbins about his new documentary film, I Am Not Your Guru.  I am really looking forward to watching this film.  He is such an inspirational guy.

I have spent quite a lot of the day driving my children around.  One of the trips was to drop one of my daughter’s to her cousin’s house so that she could go with her other cousin to sleep over at their house! Lost yet?  Anyway I dropped her off, had a chat with my sister in law’s and then drove back home to make a start on the various things I had to do.

About 10 minutes had passed when the phone rang and it was my daughter saying that she had left her sleepover bag in the back of the car! Although its not far away, I really didn’t feel like driving through the traffic again and I  needed to start my to do’s.  However I didn’t want my sister in law to have to come out of her way so I said I would meet them with the bag.  On turning out of my estate I was greeted with the most magnificent rainbow I had ever seen!  It kind of stopped me in my tracks, it was as if it was a sign, telling me to slow down and appreciate the here and now.


Stop and appreciate the moment


Later when I had completed my calls and adverts for the day I began to read through some emails that had come in.  One of them was from Carrie Green who runs the Female Entrepreneur Association.  I first became aware of Carrie when she did a Ted talk a couple of years ago.  She now supports and advises lots of women entrepreneurs all around the world with her videos, blogs and membership club.  Today she was talking about having a Miracle Month.  It was quite eye opening to read that even she has moments where she feels like she is no longer on track and that she is not motivated.  I guess we are all human!  Anyway she had decided to have an intervention and came up with the idea of a Miracle Month.  I am definitely going to try it myself.  Here’s what’s involved;

The first step is to take yourself away somewhere quiet with a pen and paper.  The idea is to re-connect with your goals and dreams and get everything out of your head and onto the paper.

Secondly, come up with all the simple things that you know should be part of your daily routine in order for you to be successful.  I really related to this as most of the things that Carrie had on her list were things that I love to include in my daily routine too.  But they perhaps don’t get done as often as they should.  Here is what she had on her list, but you can come up with your own if you wish;

Intense visualisation (using the list you have made in the first step)

Set daily goals from which you form your daily plan of activity.

At least 5 -10 minutes of personal development. (YouTube videos, books, podcasts etc)

Regular periods of checking in with yourself to make sure you’re on track (set a timer every hour)

Physical exercise (half an hour)

Make sure you that somewhere during the day you are doing something you find fun!

Set some quiet time to reconnect with yourself.

Set some time to feel gratitude for what you already have.


You can download a free printable to help you with these activities on Carrie’s website;

I am really looking forward to having my own Miracle Month!  I hope you will try it too!

We ended up eating out tonight as we had been so busy all day we hadn’t had chance to shop for dinner!


Hope you had a great day too!

Adele x

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