I must apologise for being late writing this post, it was a very late night!

Yesterday was incredibly busy, there were dental appointments, parents to take shopping, watching my niece in a drama production, phone calls to make, and food to be prepared for a party in the evening.

One thing I have learned is to use pockets of time well.  Even though there were of things happening yesterday, I didn’t let any time go to waste so managed to fit everything in.  There was a time when I would think if I only had 10 minutes free that it wouldn’t be worth trying to do anything, but there is so much that can be done in little 10 minute slots.  These slots are especially useful for personal development.  You can read quite a few pages in 10 minutes.

Once all the food was prepared for our event last night, me and the children went to see my niece in a production that she had only been working on for 5 days!  I love theatre and will not miss an opportunity to go.  I was amazed at how the children had all worked together to put on a really good show in such a short time.  And a great line that stood out was  “You have to think big to be big”.  What an amazing message!

In the evening we held a party for people in our business who had given a special effort in the previous month.  We gave it a tapas theme so there was sangria flowing and a range of Spanish dishes, followed by cakes that my daughter had made.



I still get a little apprehensive when we hold a get together at out house, I don’t worry about things like there being enough food, or whether people will enjoy themselves, but more about how I will manage to communicate with them all.  It is a challenge but its all in the build up to the event, not at the time that its actually happening.  I know that it will be fine and that I will actually really enjoy it.

And last night was no exception, it was a brilliant evening with great friends and some that we had never met before because they were new to our business and had put in a great effort in their first or second month.  We have such lovely people in our business and I love how they all immediately mingle and interact with each other.


The evening ended with us all sitting round the fire roasting marshmallows.


I will see you very soon, hope you have a fantastic day!

Adele x


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