I have a passion for helping people to create a happy and successful life.

I particularly love helping people who are shy to transform their lives.  I’m a shy person myself and I know how it feels to be in the situation where you think that you can’t be successful because of your shyness.

I was very shy and self-conscious as a child, and growing up it prevented me from doing the things I wanted to do.  When I began in my career, things hadn’t improved, I used to have this massive fear of making mistakes all the time and I didn’t enjoy my job as a result of this.  

However, a few years later I came across personal development and realised that there were books and audios available that could help me and I finally learned how to embrace my shyness and who I was.

My life is unrecognisable now compared to what it used to be like. I am still shy in certain situations however. The important thing is that you do not have to change who you are.  You may think that you have to become someone who is loud, extroverted, loves being around lots of people and enjoys being the centre of attention but this is so not true!

You can become quietly confident, you can learn to love yourself for who you are, and you can become successful doing something that means the world to you.

As well as being shy, I also have some of the characteristics of an introvert.

Shyness and introversion are often described as two completely separate things, but I definitely have some aspects of both.  I can also experience anxiety in certain situations too, particularly where there are lots of people.

Just remember that whatever situation you are in at the moment, you are not stuck.  You can do something about it, you can improve your circumstances, you can be happy………..and SUCCESSFUL!!!

“Shyness is a quality not a flaw”

I actually began to turn my life around quite quickly once I realised that I didn’t have to remain the way I was.  I read book after book, attended seminars and trainings, listened to CDs in my car at every opportunity and spoke to various people who were already successful. 



I even went on to publish two of my own self-help books.




I have always believed in keeping things simple, the simpler the better in my opinion.  Otherwise it gets confusing and when we are confused we usually do nothing.  

The things that have always impacted me the most, and I mean had a major effect on my life in a short space of time, have always been the really simple things.  For example, one of Louise Hay’s affirmations that I use all the time is ‘All Is Well With Me’.  I can honestly say that this short, simple affirmation has made an incredible difference in my life over the years.


I believe that if things are simple and easy to do, we will continue to do them and therefore see results. 

I actually set out to create my very own Success formula.  It included all the things that I learned that had the biggest impact on me as a person. 

The first area in which I needed to grow was Confidence so I set out to learn how to accept compliments, how to use affirmations to feel more confident, how to recognise my strengths and how to step out of my comfort zone

I gradually learned how to love and accept myself and my whole world started to turn around.  Even though I was shy, I now believed that I could still be as successful as the next person.

I believe that everyone should embrace their personality. 

Secondly, as I was involved in a people business I decided that I had better learn how to communicate.  Amongst other things I discovered that being interested in people and asking questions was the key to coming across as interesting yourself without having to say too much. Result!

The third component to my formula had to be passion. I realised that I felt the happiest when I was doing something I loved or researching something that I was really excited about.  

Also, I had always been obsessed with discovering what it was I was meant to do.  

I read a book once by the make up artist Bobby Brown and she explained that when she was a young girl she didn’t know what she wanted to do when she grew up.  She was discussing this with her mother one Saturday morning and her mother said to her…..

“What would you do if you could do anything today?” 

Bobby replied that she would go and play with make up at the make up counter in the local department store.  The rest is history.

Finally, whilst I was on my personal development journey, I  became passionate about mindset and the Law of Attraction and I realised that if I was to be happy and successful, it all began with how I started my day, what I allowed into my mind and how I got myself into the right positive mental attitude for the tasks ahead. I started to do daily affirmations, read for at least 15 mins or more every day, write in my journal and practice an attitude of gratitude. 

I am passionate about mindset now and strongly believe that what we think about we bring about.

So these 4 areas became my formula and I still practice them today.  

I love to teach my success formula to others, I know their are other people like me who despite being shy and introverted, are also entrepreneurial and dream of starting their own business one day.  So, as well as holding occasional workshops, I decided to create an online format for my formula so that people could learn and study it at their leisure from the comfort of their homes. 

This too was a learning curve for me, something I had never done before and I had to once again step out of my comfort zone to put it all together.  I created lots of video presentations to explain how I used the simple techniques I had used to change my life for the better. I also created a workbook, daily success tracker and PDFs, one of which is a list of ALL the affirmations I use in my own life. 

It was a lot of work, but in December 2017, Success Formula For Shy Entrepreneurs was born.

If, one day, you decide to enrol in the online course, rest assured I will be with you throughout if you have any questions or need any advice. 

Bye for now

Adele x