So, it’s January and every year at this time, people make new year’s resolutions and have every intention of continuing with them throughout the year hoping that they will see a positive difference show up in their lives in the next 12 months.

What is it then, that stops most people from consistently carrying out their new  plans and ideas all year long?

Is it that the reward for all their effort isn’t great enough?

In one of the books I read recently, I came across what I thought was one of the best strategy plans for making a difference that I had ever heard of.

I think the main difference with this plan was that it was for 6 months not 12 months.

All of a sudden, it seems closer…….within reach, and 6 months seems like you are getting a good deal if you persist with the things that are going to require you to put in some effort, be more disciplined and maybe make some sacrifices.

So, I want to share with you what I have done with what I learned:

-First of all, I wrote down what my ideal outcome would be in 6 months.

What did I really want to see happen in my business?

I made sure I was thinking really big during this exercise.  And I got specific, for example;

What am I earning and from where?

How many people are in my team?

-I then wrote down my big 5 goals for the 6 months.

-Then I wrote down my main core values

For example, impacting people’s lives, financial freedom, family, flexibility and freedom.

-Next came a list of reasons why I wanted to achieve what I said I was going to achieve, and this was narrowed down to the top 5.

-Finally, I wrote down the one skill that I wanted to master over this 6 month period

The best part about all this is that it fits very nicely onto one sheet of A4.

Every day, I have been reading through my plan, it takes a couple of minutes.

I really feel like I am on a mission to achieve my goals. 6 months is a very short space of time and it is worth giving it everything you’ve got.  The 6 months will go by anyway.

This plan coupled with growing through reading and listening to personal development, visualisation and belief is a master plan for success.

I wish you every success for 2018.

What will you achieve???

Adele x

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