We all have the ability to soar like eagles and we can all experience the thrill of soaring but sometimes we don’t realise it, and we need a push in the right direction.

Even baby eagles need a push when they leave the nest to fly for the first time.

Everyone can discover their wings and find purpose in their lives, but some people don’t believe it is possible for them.

You have a unique gift to offer, you have some special qualities that no one else has.

We can change lives forever by sharing our unique gifts.  We can show people how to soar like eagles.

Sometimes we need a push ourselves because we have that fear of falling, but sometimes we need to give that push and believe in others until they develop belief in themselves

Here is where it becomes magical…….when someone that you have “pushed” finds their wings, that is the greatest gift of all.

I want to talk a little about the importance of developing belief in yourself so that you can take that leap and soar in your life and business.

“The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief”    said David Schwartz author of The Magic of Thinking Big

Belief really is the basis of all action – if you believe something will happen, you will carry out the actions required.  You must choose to believe that you can do anything you set your mind to, because you can.

Always expect the best.  After all, we get in life what we expect so why not expect the best?

Hold positive expectations in your mind and believe that you can be, do and create whatever your heart desires.

“Sooner or later those who win are those who think they can”.  Richard Bach

So how do we build our belief?

It’s by learning, reading,  practicing, reading success stories about your industry and repeating positive affirmations about how you want your life to be.

And have vision, because when you visualise you materialise.

Imagine the business you want, the home you want, the car you want to drive, down to every last detail and do it daily.

Dennis Waitly said…….. “If you’ve been there in the mind you’ll go there in the body”

What a powerful statement!

Napolean Hill has Influenced more people into success than any other and he said….

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”

If you just believe this statement deep down, you will have taken a very bold step towards living your dreams.Have an amazing day!

Adele x

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