I’m travelling back to England tomorrow after two weeks here in Spain.  It’s gone so quickly!

We’ve had such an amazing time.  When you work for yourself, it is hard to switch off completely sometimes, well……most of the time!  However, we have been so busy lately that we told ourselves we could either come to Spain for a longer period, and work from here, or we could come for just a couple of weeks and have a proper holiday.  We chose the later option and we are so glad we did.  I can’t remember the last time we did this.  It has felt like such quality time.  Yes, I realise I am writing this blog post while still on holiday, but it is actually one of the things I like to do to relax.  I really enjoy it so I thought I would make a start.

Amazing breakfasts

Lovely walks


My new scooter

One of my favourite things to do on holiday is read.  I bought a new book on my Kindle just as we were about to board the flight from Manchester. ( I flew out with my son Javi and my husband followed a couple of days later in the car so that we could bring the dogs) 

Ramon on the journey

The book I bought is called “Girl Wash Your Face” and is by Rachel Hollis.  I had very recently started watching a documentary on Amazon Prime about Rachel (Made for More).  She is a very successful entrepreneur and has amongst other things written several books, some fiction, some non-fiction.  I liked what I saw of her on the TV so I thought I would give one of her books a go, and I wasn’t disappointed.  

Girl Wash Your Face – Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be is an honest review of all the lies Rachel has believed about herself and struggled with for so long.  She dedicates a chapter to each one, sharing how she overcame the struggles and took steps to make changes in her life where these lies were concerned.  Its both informative but funny at the same time and I have just a few pages left.  

I’ve also started rereading one of my old favourites while I’ve been here, The Power Is Within You by Louise Hay.  I struggle to read from my Kindle App on my phone when I’m at the beach so I took this paperback with me and I also started to highlight paragraphs that resonated with me. 


Reading on the beach

Highlighting important bits


I particularly love the chapter How To Love Yourself where she talks about 10 things you can do to change the way you see yourself.  My favourite one is the first one which is Stop Criticising Yourself.  Criticism won’t improve anything so refuse to do it.  Start to accept yourself exactly as you are.  Criticism is negative and acceptance is positive so choose acceptance.  Start to approve of yourself and make positive changes. 

So, we’ve switched off for a couple of weeks, but when we get back, boy is it going to be busy!

But busy in a good way!

I’m very, very excited about our Oriflame business!  The company have just launched a fantastic new pay plan and website, and are set for massive growth in the UK and Ireland. I’m really looking forward to meeting up with some lovely people to show them the business plan. 

I have lots of dog sitting bookings lined up too and new enquiries to contact. 

On top of this, Javi our youngest will be starting high school, Phoebe (16) will be starting at sixth form college, and our eldest Sofia who is remaining in Spain for another week, will be attending job interviews as soon as she returns. 

And something else I’m very excited about……….I have a ticket to Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Festival at the weekend! It’s at Tatton Park and I can’t wait!  I have followed Fearne for a while now and love everything she stands for.  I will be taking her book Happy along with me and hopefully she will be able to sign it for me. There are going to be some amazing speakers on stage, meditation and yoga demonstrations and lots more.  I’m so excited! 

Happy Place Festival

Happy Place Festival

So my life is very varied at the moment.  Sometimes I start to get a bit concerned when I hear people say that you should focus on one thing at a time, but to be honest I love the variety.  I don’t think I would feel so happy if I was just doing one thing.  With regards to network marketing, the power lies in the side hustle.  I can remember one of my earlier mentors, Jim Rohn saying “I’ve got this little part time thing going”.  And it has such an impact when you tell people that the little part time thing is bringing you in as much or more than your full time job! 

I’ve been in the network marketing business now for over 20 years and when I look back to when we started, myself and Jaime were both working full time and working on our business in the evenings and at the weekends.  It was so exciting when the business income started to overtake the full time income.  21 years down the line and we’re starting again with a brand new company, who have just revealed the most exciting pay plan ever and it reminds me of when we were new to the industry.  I think if you have fewer hours to put into something, as long as you are organised you can still produce the same results. If you have more time you will just spread things out over a whole day when they could have taken just a few hours.  

So that’s what I’m up to at the moment, I hope you have had a fantastic summer too!

Please get in touch if you have any requests for future blog posts, I would love to hear from you!

Have an amazing day!

Adele x

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