I have so much to thank Ted Talks for.  They have contributed towards making me feel more confident, more relaxed, more inspired, more grateful, they have taught me how to be a better communicator, a better dreamer, they have encouraged me to think bigger, to follow my dreams, they have generally helped me to become a better person.

They are where I head when I feel like I need to be motivated, inspired, or encouraged and they are also where I head when I don’t need any of those things, just when I simply want to learn more and more.

They have also lead me to some of my favourite mentors as I have watched their talks and then tracked down other resources that they have.

Ideas worth spreading, thats what TED talks are referred to as.  And that is exactly what they are.

I believe that if you watched one TED talk per day for the next 12 months, you could excel in an area of your chosen topic.

I want to share my top 5 favourite TED talks with you.

I have chosen these 5 because I believe that they will help you to become more confident, happier, and help you to realise that you can achieve success, even if you don’t at first believe that you can.

Amy Cuddy – Your body language shapes who you are

In this powerful talk, Amy Cuddy, author of best selling book, “Presence – Bringing your boldest self to your biggest challenges” explains how we can use our body language to enable us to feel more confident when we need to.  Usually, the times when we most need to feel this way are when we are least likely to, due to the nature of the situation, for example when we are attending an interview or when we are giving a presentation.

Susan Cain – The Power of Introverts  

I love this talk.  Susan Cain is the best selling author of the book “Quiet:The Power of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking”

In her talk she explains how, introverts have some extraordinary talents and skills that can be put to great use in the world and how they should be encouraged. I can relate to this so much as I also believe that quiet, shy people have some excellent qualities that they should embrace.

She also explains the difference between being shy and introverted.  Although they are two different things, I do find quite often that people have the characteristics of both, I know I certainly do.

Carrie Green – Programming your mind for success

As I am passionate about creating a success mindset, I love this talk by Carrie Green.  Carrie shows us that anything is possible if you have the right attitude and you believe that you can do it.

She has started from scratch and built up a massive community of women.  She teaches how to create an entrepreneurial mindset and I can really relate to her as she is totally into the Law of Attraction like me.

Fabienne Frederickson – Activating your potential for greatness

Fabienne is one of my favourite mentors. I was fortunate enough to meet her last year in London.

With Fabienne Frederickson

I love Fabienne’s approach.  She inspires me to think bigger and to believe in myself.  I first read about her in a book which contained interviews with lots of successful women entrepreneurs.  Fabienne now has her own book “Embrace Your Magnificence” and I recommend that you read it.

In this TED talk she talks about 8 steps to activating your potential for greatness.

Emma Seppala – Breathing Happiness

This last one is on a slightly different topic, but its one of my favourites that I always come back to, and I think it’s worth a watch.  Something I believe is very important in life, whilst we are striving for success and the next goal, is that we are happy and fulfilled along the way.  I have been finding that just concentrating on my breathing from time to time can help with this and can have so many benefits, it’s relaxing and calming, but it has also lead to some great ideas and happenings in my life.  Perhaps this is why I was drawn to watch this talk in the first place.

Emma talks about the effect of simple breathing techniques that anyone can use in times of anxiety  or when in stressful situations.  She talks about remarkable findings from studies that have been carried out using these techniques.

I encourage you to watch these talks and then to get into a routine where you watch one talk a day, I love to watch mine whilst I am getting ready in the mornings.  You don’t actually need any extra time then.  If you usually listen to the radio, then why not try a Ted talk instead.  Or maybe you usually put on the TV?  Whatever it is that forms your morning routine, just try making this slight change and see what happens.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

See you all soon!

Adele x

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