Making some simple positive changes can have a big impact on your life. If you want to succeed, it doesn’t have to be complicated. It is all to do with developing some success habits. Even shy people can develop these habits, just like I did. These positive changes will help you if you are shy, feel like you need more self confidence or more belief in yourself.

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I am a quiet person, always have been.  When I was younger I was tormented by low self esteem, I used to get tongue tied whenever I spoke, which wasn’t very often! I just didn’t have the confidence to speak up.  I had no belief in myself.

I was unhappy at work and I felt so self conscious that I sometimes made mistakes.

In 1996 I came across a set of audios called ‘The Art of Exceptional Living’ by Jim Rohn.

These audios were a turning point in my life.  Jim’s philosophy was that you could work on yourself and make yourself more valuable. From here I searched out books and more audios and  I began to apply the information that I was discovering and took small steps towards improving my life.  I gradually began to step out of my comfort zone.  I realised that I could change and that I could accomplish anything I wanted.

These are the changes I made that you can make too……

I spent time on Personal Development every day.

We have a wealth of information at our fingertips.  Personal development is your secret weapon.  Read 10 pages every day.  If you find it hard you’re not reading the right book.

I started to make a daily ‘To Do’ list.

Every night before I went to bed I made a list of everything I had to do the next day.  This made me far more productive.  When you get things done you feel a sense of achievement.  And along with achievement comes more confidence and self esteem.

I started to work on my beliefs

As I started to step out of my comfort zone, bit by bit I started to believe that I could achieve that little bit more.

“When you believe in your dreams and you listen to your heart, there is nothing you can’t achieve” 

New things will feel a little uncomfortable at first, but this is how you will grow.  Start with some simple steps such as learning to accept compliments instead of brushing them off.

Recognise your small achievements and strengths and rewards yourself.

Spend as much time as you can doing what you love, because the things we love are usually the things we are also good at.

‘Whatever you choose to believe you make real’

 I started using visualisation

You can use a vision board to help you, or if you prefer a vision book.  Collect pictures of things that you want to achieve, places you want to go, experiences you want to have.  You can also write out your goals on cards to carry with you.  Every time you look at your goals it will help you with the visualisation process.

When actor Jim Carey was just starting out, he wrote himself a cheque for 1 million dollars for acting services rendered.  In just a few years he achieved his goal.

I started to study and use The Law of Attraction

I watched ‘The Secret’ film about the Law of Attraction and I haven’t looked back since.  I think it is life changing.

“What you think about you bring about”

I discovered that your thoughts and your feelings create your circumstances.  It hit me like a thunder bolt.  It just made so much sense straight away.

It takes a bit of work to start thinking in a positive way all of the time, but it soon becomes a habit.  Until you have mastered it you can repeat affirmations to yourself daily.


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