I recently came across this brilliant article about boosting confidence that I want to share with you.

The article was written by Kim Somers Egelsee who is, amongst lots of other things, a confidence expert, best-selling author and award winning speaker.

I wanted to share these tips because I totally believe in what she is saying and believe that these 5 tips can improve your life the moment you start to use them.

Kim’s 5 Steps to Boosting Confidence


  • Be you. Have the nerve to be yourself.  Start to check in with yourself to be sure you aren’t people pleasing, holding back, criticizing, or down playing who you truly are.  Start by appreciating yourself and your gifts, talents and attributes.  Next acknowledge the great things you’ve accomplished throughout your life.  Finally accept you for who you are.  Yes, it’s wonderful to want to grow, shift and change, but acceptance first is key.  After this you can work on looking and being your best at all times, trying new things, making eye contact, and embracing your uniqueness.
  • Live opened up to love and lightness, possibilities, people, and the beauty of the world.  Remain open minded that you can learn from everyone you meet.  Be optimistic that your life is and can be extraordinary. Look for the good.
  • Create your own opportunities and jump into them.  Don’t wait for that project to appear.  Start with small steps daily to get what you dream of.  Ask for help, ask for connections.  Ask for chances and big things.  Be bold.  Take risks.  For some, this may mean trying a new food.  For others it may be taking on a new sport, exercise or project.
  • Sort through everything you are doing now in your life, and rate each item 0-100%;  100 being that it makes you feel on fire, fueled and fulfilled.  Get rid of or lessen the things on the list that aren’t at least 90% to make the space for greatness, rewards and your dreams to come into your life.  Next start to shape and sculpt your life by design.  What about the things you are currently doing, can you be better at any of them?  What are your dreams, and are you on your way to them?
  • Talk to yourself and others positively.  Throw away any negative thoughts about yourself.  Treat yourself like a star and others will too.


Just a thought……..Why not start practicing these ideas over the Christmas holiday period and hit the New Year running with your new thoughts and beliefs about yourself in place?