In this post I am sharing a video recording of a live training I did for an event called Passion To Succeed, the event was put on by a good friend and colleague of mine, Craig White.  The proceeds all went to charity.

In the video I explain how the network marketing industry lead me to personal development and how my life has been so different since the day I found it.

I currently run my network marketing business alongside my two other businesses and I love the flexibility of it.

Some may think that to succeed in network marketing you have to be loud, chatty and almost extroverted but this is not the case. You can read more about this in my other post A Perfect Business For Shy People

Also in the presentation I share the four key areas of personal development that I believe had the biggest impact on my success as a shy person, gaining confidence, learning some simple communication skills, learning how to discover what I wanted and how to get it and developing a mindset for success.

I thoroughly enjoyed presenting at this event alongside some of the top earners in the industry and feel very grateful to have been invited to speak.

I hope you enjoy the video.

Have an amazing day!

Adele x

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