I thought I would write about a day last week when I attended a seminar in London, it was put on by one of my favourite mentors, Fabienne Frederickson.

I have been following her for a while, reading her blogs, receiving her emails, attending her virtual live events and I have read her book too.  She is a very successful business woman and I love the fact that she uses the Law of Attraction in her life and business. Something about her really resonated with me.

As she lives in the United States, I was excited when I heard that she was running a half day event in London.  At first however, I didn’t think it was going to be possible for me to go, as the event fell during the Easter holidays and as well as being very expensive to travel back to the UK from Spain at this time, I also didn’t really think our family should be apart during the children’s time off from school.

I put it to the back of my mind for a while, but then something made me have another little look at flights just out of interest!  They had been greatly reduced, so I discussed it with my husband and we both agreed that it was a real opportunity and that I should go.  Even better, I also booked a flight for my daughter Phoebe who hadn’t had a turn at visiting the UK with one of us for a while.  So, flights were now booked and I set about sorting the rest of the travel arrangements and the hotel in London. I even ended up staying in the hotel where the event was taking place!  I was so excited!  For a few weeks I had been writing down my goals daily and one of them was to visit the UK more often to catch up with my family and to visit London which is one of my favourite cities.

I was amazed that I had ticked off this goal already!

So, I flew to the UK last week and travelled down to London on the train.  It felt quite strange checking into the hotel by myself and the next morning it took me a while to feel confident enough to go down to the restaurant!  I was so excited and nervous at the same time, I couldn’t eat any of the lovely breakfast that was laid out.  All I could manage was a cup of coffee!


Before I left the restaurant to go into the conference room, I repeated some of my favourite affirmations to myself;

Life loves me

I love and accept myself

I can do this!

Also, before I came out of the ladies room, I struck a power pose!  This is something I had been reading about recently in Amy Cuddy’s book ‘Presence’, and now was the time for me to test it out.  It worked!  I urge you to try it,  strike a pose that makes you feel super-confident!  (I will write another post with more detail about this soon)

So, several affirmations and a power pose later, I entered the conference room.  Everyone seemed to be already talking to each other.  What did I do now?

I quickly noticed that there was a queue of people lining up to register, so I tagged on at the back and decided that I would start a conversation with the next person that joined the queue behind me.  A lovely lady called Denise shortly got in line behind me so I introduced myself and we got talking.  I was at ease immediately.

We walked into the room together and there was Fabienne standing at the front of the room offering hugs to everyone before they took their seats.  It was amazing to see her in person and feel the energy and excitement that she bought to the room.

We managed to get seats right at the front so the whole time it felt like Fabienne was talking directly to me.

I learned lots on the day, here are just a few of the I nougats that I took away with me;

  • The meaning of the word entelechy – in the DNA of every acorn lies the mighty oak, as in all of us lies the potential to be great, but without activation the greatness doesn’t come.
  • The one predictor of success in business is CONFIDENCE.
  • The higher your vibration, the more you attract what you want.
  • You attract in your life what you believe and expect.
  • Spend time only on your Unique Brilliance, the things that you are brilliant at will produce 80% of your results.
  • You need 5 super friends for every negative person in your life.

We had to get into small groups throughout the morning too, to introduce ourselves and to share various business goals.  There would have been a time when this would have scared the life out of me, but these days, although I am still shy in these situations, I have learned how to handle it so that I can still take part.

At the end of the event, Fabienne was available to say goodbye and have a quick chat.  It would have been very easy to leave at this point as there was quite a queue forming, but I had promised myself I would get a photo with Fabienne and I had to say thank you for an fantastic day.

IMG_8117 (1)

The whole experience was amazing, I felt like I really stepped out of my comfort zone and that it was so, so worth it.  If you ever get a chance to do something that you really want to do, pull out all the stops,  I bet that it will be worth it for you too!

Adele x

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