I came across an article recently about journalling and part of it was dedicated specifically to gratitude journalling and so I thought I would share, as developing an attitude of gratitude, I feel, plays a major part in how you create a life of happiness and success for yourself. The article contains a long list of the benefits of being grateful, the longest list I have ever come across! Hope you enjoy it!

Being able to shift your mindset more easily is very powerful when it comes to attracting your desires. 

When you start writing what you’re grateful for, new chambers of thought open in the palace of your mind. You’ll often need to put your pen down and take a few breaths. You’ll be captivated not only by the amazing things in your life, but by the awe and brilliance of life in general.

As part of your journaling sessions, be sure to include some gratitude in your writing. It will change your life orientation from scarcity to abundance. The world will increasingly “become your oyster.”

Gratitude journaling is a scientifically proven way to overcome several psychological challenges. The benefits are seemingly endless. Here are just a few:

  • Gratitude makes you happier.
  • Gratitude makes other people like you.
  • Gratitude makes you healthier.
  • Gratitude boosts your career.
  • Gratitude strengthens your emotions.
  • Gratitude develops your personality.
  • Gratitude makes you more optimistic.
  • Gratitude reduces materialism.
  • Gratitude increases spirituality.
  • Gratitude makes you less self-centered.
  • Gratitude increases your self-esteem.
  • Gratitude improves your sleep.
  • Gratitude keeps you away from the doctor by strengthening physiological functioning.
  • Gratitude lets you live longer.
  • Gratitude increases your energy levels.
  • Gratitude makes you more likely to exercise.
  • Gratitude helps you bounce back from challenges.
  • Gratitude makes you feel good.
  • Gratitude makes your memories happier (think of Pixar’s Inside Out).
  • Gratitude reduces feelings of envy.
  • Gratitude helps you relax.
  • Gratitude makes you friendlier.
  • Gratitude helps your marriage.
  • Gratitude makes you look good.
  • Gratitude deepens your friendships.
  • Gratitude makes you a more effective manager.
  • Gratitude helps you network.
  • Gratitude increases your goal achievement.
  • Gratitude improves your decision making.
  • Gratitude increases your productivity.

So, starting to acknowledge what you feel grateful for has many benefits!

The way I easily brought a habit of being grateful into my life was by starting to carry a small pebble in my pocket. I would keep the pebble by my bedside at night, and then in the morning I would put it into my pocket. Every time I touched the pebble I thought of something to be grateful for.

I also kept a gratitude journal, where I wrote out what I was grateful for every evening.

I still have these two things today, however, being grateful just comes naturally to me now. I don’t actually need the pebble, but it’s still there, to remind me of how amazing it is to feel gratitude.

So, I urge you to go out today and notice things to be grateful for, you will find it really enjoyable and your mindset will definitely start to shift in the right direction.

Have a great day!

Adele x

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