We arrived back in England last week for the summer, I was really excited to come back this time, more than ever before really.
We have been living in Spain for 3 years now, and it’s the longest we have stayed there at one time.  Yes we have been back to the UK for weekends, summers and Christmas, but it’s never felt quite long enough, not for me anyway. The time goes so quickly when you are trying to make sure you have caught up with everyone and done everything that you need to do.

In May we picked up our gorgeous new puppy Ramon, so travelling was going to be eventful!



We stopped over in the beautiful Spanish city of Zaragoza on the way home, we managed to find a dog friendly hotel and it was right in the city centre which was lovely. I absolutely love exploring new cities.

Family de Caso in Zaragoza

From there we drove to Santander to board the overnight ferry to Plymouth.  The ferry journey is really enjoyable, there is always plenty to do.

Sunbathing on the deck

Up until we left for the UK, I was busy preparing content for my workshop Success Formula For Shy People which took place on Sunday.  I knew I had to have it pretty much prepared before we got back as there would only be 2 days before it took place and I would need that to get organised, print out worksheets, sort out the hotel, music, and other technical things.

Success Formula Workbook

I have spoken at so many trainings and events now, but it was such a different feeling knowing that I would be running the whole thing by myself.  I would be speaking for at least 4 whole hours!
I think the fact that I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare when I got back was a blessing as I didn’t have time to worry too much about it!


I really enjoyed the day, everyone who attended was lovely and I am so grateful to them for being part of the first one.

Preparing for this one day course has done me a huge favour……it means that I now have the content to create the online version of the course.  All I have to do now is record the many videos that will make up each of the modules.  Its all a big learning curve but I am loving the challenge!
If you would like to register your interest and be contacted when the course is available just go to


I am very excited about the weeks ahead, we are in London this weekend, and then, just like we did last year, we are having two of my daughter’s Spanish friends visiting next week for a week.  We will have a lot of fun showing them different places!

On the personal development front here’s what I am loving at the moment…..

I am re-reading You Were Born Rich by Bob Proctor.  I love this book!  It contains so many valuable lessons on success and money consciousness.

You were born rich

Since the last post I have finished She Means Business by Carrie Green.  I was really excited to read this one and I wasn’t disappointed.  It was fantastic, one that I will constantly refer to.  Carrie tells it like it is.  She writes from the heart and admits that its not all plain sailing, there are peaks and troughs for anyone in business and her success journey is no exception.


She Means Business

Another book very close to my heart is Driven by Passion by Craig White. Craig is a very good friend of mine and has just published this book along with a new website and podcast show, the book is a compilation of the many podcast shows that he has carried out over the last few months.  I am actually one of the people that he interviewed, and appear in the second show! Craig and I chatted about how to become the best version of yourself.


Driven by Passion – how to be the best version of you

You can find out all about the podcast shows and the book at www.passiontosucceed.com
Here is a tip that it is important to remember.  The more books you read, the further you will be able to see, the closer you will be to your goal.


Stand on the books you read

I hope to blog regularly this summer and keep you up to date with everything that is going on.
This time last year I blogged for 30 days on the trot which was challenging but fun!
Just in case you haven’t read it yet, I have a FREE ebook available called ‘The Top 10 Things That Hod Shy People Back From Achieving Success – And what to do about them


If you would like to receive a copy then just head over to www.shypeoplecanbesuccessfultoo.com 
See you soon!
Adele x