In this post I want to talk about the books I have written and why I was inspired to write them.
My first  book Shy People Can Be Successful Too! was written because  for as long as I can remember I had …..
-been tormented by low self esteem
-always got tongue tied
-never had the confidence to speak up
-not had any self belief
-been unhappy at work, so much so that I used to spend lunch times in the job centre!
-been suffering with my shyness
I was shy in lots of situations!
When I discovered personal development, I realised that the things I didn’t like about myself, mostly my shyness, were just my beliefs and that those beliefs could be changed.  The beliefs that I had about myself stemmed from the things I heard as I was growing up.
People always told me that I was quiet.  I always used to hear people saying;
“Adele is the shy one”
“Adele never says anything “
“Adele never contributes to the discussion”
I heard these things so often that I began to doubt myself.  I used to think that people would not find me interesting or want to be around me.
So I worked on these beliefs and began to embrace my shyness and no longer see it as a flaw. Once I did this, things started to change and I began to realise that I could become successful.  I had always wanted to achieve something but never thought it was possible because of my shyness. I wanted others to realise that they too could change their beliefs about themselves so that they could achieve success.
A lot of people ask about overcoming shyness, but I prefer to teach people to embrace it and look at it as a quality, not a flaw.  You can even use it to your advantage.
Shy People Can Be Successful Too! – How to achieve your dreams without changing your personality was published in 2009 and is available in paperback format from my website or in kindle format here
I didn’t actually think that I would write another book.  However, I still felt that I had more to share.  My next book started life as a free download on my website. 52 Tips For A Fantastic Year! – Simple Ideas Big Impact was a list of success habits that I felt had helped me the most throughout my journey.
I then decided that I could add more value by expanding on these tips and turning the free ebook into a paperback.
All the success tips in this book are tried and tested by myself, a shy person.
But this book is not just for people who want to ‘overcome’ shyness;
I realised that I had achieved success and happiness in my life by practicing a few relatively simple things daily.
These were things that anyone could do. (Whether they were shy or not.)
The book contains the things that I am most passionate about, things that I believe are essential to creating a successful life.
52 tips cover image
I love the fact that you could just open up the book at a random place and put that one idea into action that day and make a difference in your life immediately.
Some of the tips in the book I learned about years ago, and some I learned about more recently, we are always learning.
With each success tip comes a quote that relates to it in some way.  Quotes are another one of my passions.  I believe that they can help us massively.  They motivate, inspire action, and give us guidance in the direction of our dreams.  I constantly surround myself with quotes in my daily life.
52 Tips For A Fantastic Year is also available at and the kindle version is available here 
The intention for both of these books was that they would be easy to read. (Many people have told me that they have read them in one sitting).  I wanted them to be suited to people who had perhaps never read a self improvement book before, a gentle ease into the world of personal growth. I like to refer to them as handbooks for success.
Why not download a free chapter of Shy People Can Be Successful Too! now to give you a taster?
‘Shy People Can Be Successful Too’
Have a fantastic day!
Adele x