I want to begin this blog with some words that I heard a few days ago….

Your long term success doesn’t come from doing things the right way, it comes from doing things your way”

Wow! This is such a statement and it really resonates with me.

There is so much advice out there in the online world, tellling us HOW we should do things. It’s easy to get caught up in it all and then it often leads to feelings of inadequacy and confusion.

I have a new take on success lately. I am doing what I want to do!

Yes…. I have always believed that when you do things that you love doing you make things happen and I love that!  But…..recently, I have realised that this has to be true in business too. Instead of doing things that I feel I have to do, I have decided to do things that I WANT to do, the way I want to do them.  These are the things that feel right and they happen when I truly follow my heart. I have come to realise that when you take action in this way, it leads to amazing results.

I have lots of business interests……and I love them all, however I have always felt a little akward talking about all of them because they are quite different and you could argue that they are not really related to each other at all. 

Sometimes I would think “I can’t possibly talk about skincare on my profile as people will get really confused as they know me for talking about personal development and shyness” Or it would be ‘“I can’t share photos of my dog business as people in my skincare business will think I’m not interested any more” 

This was all in my head.

Yes, I am doing lots of things, but they are all MY things and I am happy doing them and I want to talk about them all.

I think when we try and fit ourselves into little boxes or restrict ourselves to a particular niche, we miss out on doing a whole load of things that we really want to do because we feel it doesn’t fit properly.

I am really loving this new approach and I am excited to see where it takes me.

I came across a new affirmation which I have added to my list;

The more fun I have, the more money I make!

Moving on to the podcast, in this week’s episode I share some of the initial changes I made when I embarked on my personal development journey.  I am still living by these changes today. I talk about starting a reading and listening routine, stepping out of my comfort zone, learning to believe in myself, gratitude and the Law of Attraction and much more.

You can listen to the episode here;

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I have been reading more about the Law of Attraction recently, in a book I had never read before by Jack Canfield. It’s called The Secret To Living The Law of Attraction.

In the book there is a list of things that you can do to fully live the Law of Attraction and create the life of your dreams. I have picked my 7 favourites to summarise for you;


And I will leave you with a favourite quote of mine which I always come back to;

Just take the first step in faith.

You don’t have to see the whole


Just take the first step’

-Martin Luther King Jr.

Have a fantastic week! I am off to London this week to see a musical with my mum for her birthday. So excited!

See you soon!

Adele x

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