Are you ready for a successful year?

Happy New Year! I hope you are having a great 2017 so far! I have been loving being at home for the Christmas period, we started the drive back from Spain on 21st December and arrived here on the 22nd, just enough time to put up the decorations, finalise the Christmas shopping and wrap all the presents! Christmas Day itself was lovely, a really relaxing time, it was a well earned rest for everyone really.  We have been extremely busy in Spain recently as our company have just launched over there.  The children have also been having a really busy time at school with lots of homework an...
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Write and Grow Rich – The Power of Journalling

I have been keeping journals for a long time, journals for all different things.  I have a gratitude journal, a success journal, a journal for training notes, and a journal for ‘aha’ moments.  I also have one for writing down affirmations and one for dreams and goals.  You can put anything you like into a journal. Before I started keeping journals I used to think that they were just another form of diary, but then I discovered that they could be so much more. I have found my journals to be empowering and part of my personal growth. Your journals can be private or you can share, its ...
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