Hi, I’m Adele, I’m a shy entrepreneur and I run three businesses. I  love them all and I feel like I am in my element every day!

(Watch the very short video above to see what a typical day looks like for me – although every day is different!)


Even though I was shy growing up, I always knew that I wanted to run my own business. I had a few part-time jobs when I was a student and I aways seemed to be drawn to jobs where I would be working on my own, managing my own time. I worked for a catalogue company distributing brochures and I cleaned hotel bedrooms. I liked being in control of my own work. 

Later on, after working full-time in a hospital for a few years I started a business in my spare time with my husband. We built it up so that we could both leave employment and this was the best feeling ever. 

It was this business that introduced me to personal development which I became passionate about.

We remained with this same network marketing company for many years until unfortunately it went into administration. 

At this point, we found ourselves wondering what was next. This was all we had known for a long time. 


One day, when we were bouncing ideas around I jokingly said that my dream would be to start a sausage dog hotel! 

My husband said “Well why don’t you then?

We had two sausage dogs of our own and we knew how hard it was to leave them with anyone except my parents when we went on holiday. Other sausage dog owners must feel the same?

It was in that moment that Paco’s Place was born. 

Paco and Ramon with some of our guests


Adele and Sofia de Caso


5 years later and we are still welcoming sausage dogs into our home and treating them like they are our own. People love the home from home service. 

I still can’t believe it when someone turns up with a gorgeous dachshund and pays us money to look after them!

My daughter has recently joined me in the business and now we offer home boarding, daycare, dog sitting and walking. 

This work really lights me up, we are often out and about with the dogs, walking in beautiful places, taking gorgeous photos of them and we’ve got to know some amazing people. 


At the same time as starting Paco’s Place we also began looking at a couple of other network marketing companies. We had built up a sizeable team with our other company and we wanted to find somewhere for them to belong so they could continue to service their customers. 

We were very impressed with a Swedish Beauty Company called Oriflame. They sold the most beautiful skin care, cosmetics and wellness products. They also operated through catalogues like we were used to, so we signed up. 


I love the Oriflame products


Sharing the business with others


We are still with Oriflame today, I love the flexibility of the business. I work it in all the pockets of time throughout the day. I also love that I get a fantastic discount on the products I buy for myself and my family. 

If you are interested in working with me alongside Oriflame, just get in touch at adele@adeledecaso.com to learn about the different ways it could work for you. I will provide one-to-one coaching to get you started and work closely with you as you progress.

Thirdly, if you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that I have always felt passionate about sharing my love of personal development. I self-published my first book Shy People Can Be Successful Too in 2009 and then a couple of years later, 52 Tips For A Fantastic Year was released. 

I currently share tips and advice through this blog, my You Tube channel and email newsletter and have some online courses available too. 

So, that’s me! 

No two days are the same and I’m always doing something that I love to do, which I feel is so important. 

It’s never too late to do what you love! You can start to weave your passions into your life a little at a time. 

If you have any questions about doing what you love for work, please get in touch. I would love to help.

Until next time

Adele x

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